“Taking risks without understanding and assessing them is simply speculation”

In practice, energy cost budgets and plans are threatened by various internal and external risks: security of supply, budget security, volatile energy costs, internal processes and uncertainties in the success of implementing technical energy applications. Any risks that arise have major cost implications for companies.

Increasing complexity, the high rate of change and the fact that each individual company is susceptible to different influences means that customized risk management makes an important contribution to planning security and workload reduction. Formal compliance requirements must also be taken into account.

In the energy sector, successful risk management is always synonymous with successful expertise and information management. Risks must be identified and assessed in the field and sometimes according to the respective, business location-specific conditions. This makes it easier to manage them efficiently using appropriate safeguards, processes, and information structures.

The enexion-TEC® Approach provides support for the introduction and integrated operation of your workload-reducing energy risk management system, with customized solutions rather than isolated measures. The result: a comprehensive, independent solution that methodically eliminated risks in line with compliance requirements.