“Vertically integrated energy cost management – is this still feasible given the large amount of data and information?”

Load data control, contract parameters, market information and benchmarks: the necessary internal and external data and information base for energy managers and buyers to make good decisions is steadily increasing.

The challenge: internal information and data are often distributed across departments and business locations. External information regarding markets, cost and political and regulatory changes must be determined, tracked and checked with regard to its relevance to company locations: these are time-consuming tasks.

Smart integration and continuous consolidation of all data requires software solutions that are tailored to the tasks of industrial energy procurement and management and which make secure and remote work with the information possible.

Instead of processing and analysing tables on an individual basis, which is very susceptible to error, the information necessary for decision-making must always be available as consolidated, concrete results.

Once these preconditions are in place, the workload of energy buyers and energy management officers is effectively reduced and they can concentrate effectively on their decisions and actions.


For many years enexion has been developing efficient and lean solutions together with energy buyers and companies to provide efficient support for energy procurement, reporting and management processes.